Honey Bee extractor and honey bee removal and relocationWE RELOCATE THE HONEYBEES, WE DO NOT KILL THEM!

Red Mountain Pest Control are professional honey bee extractors and relocation experts. We give a 5 year guarantee! If the honeybees come back in the same place within a five year period the removal is free!

The Honey Bee Extractor!

Although in the beginning a honey bee hive will only weight a few pounds and should not be too difficult to relocate without any harm. It would not be too hard to kill them all within the building or property that they are established in with pesticides and the like but it still can be very dangerous if you don’t know how to handle it.

Call us and allow Red Mountain Pest Control in Birmingham Alabama to relocate the honey bees to a safe location without any harm. This is better for the environment and safer for you.